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A Cleansing Sort of Silence

Have you heard The Auld Triangle? There's something about Irish melodies/harmonies that always hit me so hard. I love the melancholy tunes. I love the accent. I love their voices. I want to sing like that some day.

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My Cup Overflows

My friends, the world is so tremendous. So tremendous!

My neck is sore, I still don't sleep well, I don't own the world yet, but my heart is wider and deeper than I ever expected it could be!

Small World

Do you know how big the world is? It's all the big. It's frikkin huge. Like HUGE. It grinds my gears whenever anyone says, "small world." I'm like, "No, Laura, it's a small county, and you've never been outside the state."

The First Page of the First Chapter

As much as I want it to work, it's tough to write while listening to music. However, I recently saw "The Greatest Showman." Mr. Barnum's true history aside, it was an inspiring movie! The music itself is inspiring! Each song is passionate, and almost every song is about breaking through barriers, rewriting one's story, daring to dream, trying again, and not giving up!

Diving In and Dealing

Here's the thing: I love writing.

It's not quite the same with pen and paper. My handwriting is pretty sad, and it doesn't feel as smooth. It feels realer, flesh-and-blood-er — but typing is faster and smoother. There's something especially satisfying about knowing what I want to say, and letting my fingers tap against the little letters that express a thingy.

I Want Both


They happen. Irony too. I'm so nervous about irony though! Apparently, it has some precise definition, and I'm half-sure I always misuse it. For example, the song "Ironic" by Alanis Morisette is not ironic. "Rain on your wedding day" etc. are just unfortunate. Irony is something special that I don't understand.