Poems and Dreams


I'm compiling my poetry, and I'm going to publish collections of it on Amazon! Whammo! Super-hyper-flippin-hippo exciting! CeCelia set up an Instagram account for my poetry, which required me to review my poetry and select excerpts, which in turn inspired me to set up collections, and now I'm realizing the vast potential of all the literature I've already written!

Ashamed of Asking

What the heck! I just asked a man for something costly, and I almost cried.


Yar! I'm a pirate!

AKA, I'm spoofy tired.

Not really; I'm just fretting about money.

Sparrows, dude: we're worth more than many sparrows. True enough, sparrows live and die, but, in general, they just go and fly and find food and feed their little babies.

Keep Marching

Once again! The world is so huge — but not so overwhelming as I like to think.

I have noticed a relatively consistent pattern: When I work minimally and dawdle excessively, I feel like the world is so heavy and challenging. When I work diligently, the world seems weighty and defined.

It's a Big World After All

Oh snap! Oh snap, oh snap! I just felt angsty about posting a thing!

I don't know if I'm supposed to do that. Even in my fictional literature, I'm still gonna bring up edgy topics. I guess it'll be less clear what my stance is since there will be a fine variety of characters. Who knows.

The Lord's Prayer for the Modern Citizen

Our Father (or Mother) who art in heaven,
Expletives be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be considered
On earth — or just keep it in heaven.

A Fine Random in June

My friends, it has been too long since I've written a purely proper randomizer of a blog post.

As it turns out, I'm tempted like every other writer to think that I have to sound spiffy. One of the greatest sources of writer's block is the addiction to sounding good.